Award Scheme

At Wade Gymnastics Club we follow our custom designed in house award scheme, to appropriately challenge and prepare our gymnasts in the club.

The club builds up and develops the core elements of gymnastics, using progressions and pre-requisites to help the gymnasts progress.

Our daytime classes follow the Wade Gym Jungle seasonal badge scheme, where the coaching team design and programme the syllabus into their lessons.

Our evening classes follow our after school badge scheme. Our Junior classes start on their blue badge, and work their way up through to gold. Gymnasts starting in our Junior Plus classes will be assessed on which badge is an appropriate starting level for them before they work their way up.

When gymnasts in our evening classes pass their gold badge, they begin work on our trophy syllabus. Bronze, silver and gold trophies are available on each of the apparatus; floor, vault, bars, beam, and floor.