The Winter Star Challenge

On Saturday 9th February we were invited to take part in the Winter Star Challenge which was hosted by Robin Hood Gymnastics Club. We took along 8 girls from our Women’s Artistic Squad group who competed across 6 different levels. 

This was our first competition of the season and what a competition it was! 

The girls performed lots of new skills and walked away with a great haul of medals!

Results are below:

Regional Grade 6

Abbie – Overall – 1st, Vault – 3rd, Bars – 4th, Beam – 1st, Floor – 3rd, Range – 2nd

Eva – Overall – 2nd, Vault – 7th, Bars – 1st, Beam – 2nd, Floor – 1st, Range – 3rd

Lily – Overall – 3rd, Vault – 10th, Bars – 3rd, Beam – 4th, Floor – 9th, Range – 1st

National Grade 4

Nadia – Overall – 1st, Vault – 1st, Bars – 2nd, Beam – 1st, Floor – 1st, Range – 2nd

Nadia also won the Grealy Cup for the highest score across the Grades and Compulsories with a huge 64.600

National Grade 2

Isla – Overall – 2nd, Vault – 1st, Bars – 1st, Beam – 2nd, Floor – 2nd, Range – 1st

Compulsory Grade 5

Ellis – Overall – 6th, Vault – 4th, Bars – 5th, Beam – 7th, Floor – 5th, Range – 7th

Compulsory Grade 4

Elise – Overall – 1st, Vault – 5th, Bars – 1st, Beam – 1st, Floor – 5th, Range – 5th


Shannon – Vault – 3rd, Floor – 4th

The girls produced some beautiful routines and the scores reflected their hard work. This was a good warm up for their up and coming competition and a great way to start off our competition season!

Well done girls, we are all so proud of you.